Transfering your domin to

As a result of the predictable (at least by everyone except the politicians that passed it) chaos that the new GDPR regulations have caused, we have been obliged to temporarily disable any domain transfers to our registration repositories.We hope that after the various registrars get a grip on the new regulations, we may be able to re-instate this ... Read More »

30th Jun 2018
Unintended Invoicing

Full Disclosure.At 09:00 UTC on Thursday 21st June 2018, the invoicing system we use generated a number of invalid invoices for domain renewals and services, that were subsequently sent to many of our clients.We suspect these invoices were sent as a result of attempting to change the way the invoicing system worked to create continuous invoicing, ... Read More »

21st Jun 2018
Updated Kernel Microcodes

Latest Kernel microcodes applied and server rebooted

5th Jun 2018